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Angel Mumien Green-and-purple Marilyn-Monroe-Kiss Phone-home Prayer Smile  Stoned synaps Take off  The elder The end Tredje ögat Whay Young Dolfin Dream tripp Yelow girl Morgon tripp The morning after the eavning before Rest in peace The shining New year Twins Blue and blue Trance dance June is here name Purple iaFilosof Mirrow in a door Mayan wharrior Old and stoned Huldrans rop Wolf and hoog Tallens talare Woodoo Big brother Drontosar The face the old oke Kärlekens band Trance Ghost Blues Woodman The Kingdom Rawen Gobelin Runner Ögats gröna löv Ekens ande Tengils ande Old The book Blue Narrator1 Narrator2 Narrator3 Narrator4 Narrator ghost1 Narrator ghost2 Narrator ghost3